Yam Haus Wants To Play At Your House!


Yam Haus wants to play a show at your house! HAUS Shows are an intimate way for Yam Haus to share their music and their story with you. We get to experience your story and your community, it’s not just a show, it’s a conversation. As their debut album launched this summer, they will be traveling the country from home to home. Let them know if they should stop by.

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We are four dudes from the midwestern United States. Our stories are probably the same as countless others. Kids who dream of making it in this vague thing called the music industry. So at some point we decided to really go for it. Chase the dream. Lets be clear. We have big dreams. We want to be the biggest band in the world. There. We said it. But in the pursuit of this dream, we realized something. There is magic in the little moments. Sometimes the most powerful energy comes from the smallest encounters, the chance conversations, the people who see something in you before a huge crowd sings along. So before we head out on this adventure, working as hard as we can in pursuit of festivals, clubs, theaters, stadiums, venues all over the world where our heroes can be found; I think we realized where it all comes from. YOU. And as you follow along, please note that this whole thing is just a journey of one story after another. And each one matters. We know we’ll never arrive, but we can aim to never forget what will make this dream a reality: your story, our story, for even a brief moment, connected. A haus is only as strong as the people who dwell in it. Will you join us?

If you are interested in booking a HAUS show, contact us at booking@yamhaus.com.

Oprah Woode