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We Are: Hover Coalition

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Hover Coalition is, by definition, a group of people joined together for a common purpose. The Hover Coalition is set up as an independent record label with 90% of its profits going back into helping and supporting Hover artists. The remaining 10% is designated for charity.


Our goal is to create and steward a new business model that truly helps artists and is self-sustaining.  The Hover coalition and its artists are committed to a 50/50 partnership agreement sharing equally in all income. Money matters: we understand that money is important and essential – we just don’t want it to be the ultimate motive for everything we are trying to accomplish. We want to keep vision, heart, and creativity in the forefront of our efforts. This is why we prefer stewardship over ownership and partnership over leverage. 

Hover: To remain poised in one place between two states. 

Coalition: A union into one body or mass. From the Latin word coalitiō, meaning “to grow together.” People that form coalitions have different backgrounds but come together because they share a goal.  

Hover Coalition: To influence through the creation of moving and meaningful art. And for the purpose of helping others influence through the creation of moving and meaningful art.